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Ace Creative Empire Pte Ltd is the event management specialist that can help you in planning and managing your event well. If you are looking for an event planner that can bring WOW factor to your event, Ace Creative Empire will be the one that you are searching for...

The Leading Event Production Singapore Agency

Organizing unique events can be difficult. A small fraction of Singapore residents can achieve this. There are many event production Singapore agencies that help residents plan their desired events. This is in terms of creative ideas and marketing. Uniqueness and marketing are the secrets behind successful event. We are one of the leading event production agencies in Singapore. We have been in the market for a while. Ace Creative Empire has specialized in three main areas, namely:

  • Online advertising
  • Creative ideas for any event
  • Marketing Solutions

Our agency offers are flexible. We can adjust our schedule to meet our clients’ needs. Additionally, we offer both event planning and management services.

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Why hire a professional event management agency

Some people in Singapore prefer organizing and running their own events. Sadly, some events fail. This can be frustrating if it is a memorable event such as a promotional tour and anniversary, among others. Here are some reasons you should consider an event production Singapore agency:

  • They are creative. These agencies hire creative employees to help make your imaginations a reality. In short, you can make your dreams a reality by hiring an event production agency.
  •  You will be at peace. As earlier stated, event preparation is very frustrating. An event preparation agency handles all the difficult tasks. You will be at ease knowing everything is being handled by experts.
  • They will use the available resources to make your event a success. You will not worry about additional funds.

Ace Creative Empire Event Services

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Who We Are

About Ace Creative Empire

ACE Creative Empire Pte Ltd is a uniquely structured agency experienced in providing creative ideas, online advertising and marketing solutions.

ACE Creative Empire Pte Ltd offers full-services, including event planning & management services, programming & production, entertainment & special event coordination, high-quality activities, event promotion, event and venue management consulting services including long-range planning, program and policy development, needs assessments, training, and general management assistance.

Why hire us?

Event preparation can be challenging, especially when you don’t know what to do. People have different financial stability. It can be challenging to identify services to omit. Ace Creative Empire Pte Ltd houses professional event organizers. Our team is trained to work on different budget to prepare events.

Secondly, we can help event owners identify services to omit if the budget is fixed. Moreover, we guide clients through the entire event preparation process. This ranges from finding a perfect venue, planning the design of the event, entertainment and marketing. Moving on, we have hired top notch events. Our agency has a strict recruitment protocol that helps hire employees on merit.

Lastly we offer training and management assistance. Some clients prefer running events on their own. Ace Creative Empire Pte Ltd can comfortably train you on event management.

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What do you get after contacting us?

We are one of the few event production Singapore agencies that focus on the client. We carefully listen to our clients’ needs before commencing any further. Afterwards, we look at the available budget and guide them on the available options. Events must be unique if they are to stand out from those of their fellow competitors.

Secondly, you get our undivided attention. You will be able to work with our wide range of employees to ensure the event commences as planned.

 Lastly, you get affordable prices. We are among the leading pocket friendly event production Singapore agencies.

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